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D.H. Ahn, D.C. Arnold, B.R. de Supinski, and G.L. Lee (2008)

Overcoming Scalability Challenges for Tool Daemon Launching

37th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP-08).

Many tools that target parallel and distributed environments must co-locate a set of daemons with the distributed processes of the target application. However, efficient and portable deployment of these daemons on large scale systems is an unsolved problem. We overcome this gap with LaunchMON, a scalable, robust, portable, secure, and general purpose infrastructure for launching tool daemons. Its API allows tool builders to identify all processes of a target job, launch daemons on the relevant nodes and control daemon interaction. Our results show that Launch- MON scales to very large daemon counts and substantially enhances performance over existing ad hoc mechanisms.
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