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CScADS Summer Workshops

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The Center for Scalable Application Development Software plans to hold an ongoing series of summer workshops that aim to engage the community in the challenges of leadership computing and foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

The general charge for the workshops is the following:

  • Identify important open problems and challenges for achieving high performance on leadership computing systems.
  • Brainstorm on promising approaches to open problems.
  • Identify infrastructure needs to address key challenges and assess available infrastructure.
  • Identify opportunities for synergy, opportunities to consolidate and harden existing infrastructures, opportunities to reuse existing components developed by others, and opportunities to refactor and extend existing components to apply them to new challenges.
  • Collaborate on design of sharable components. Encourage interaction and information interchange between computer scientists and SciDAC application teams.
  • Identify targets of opportunity for further investment of resources, in particular strategic investment targets for the DOE Office of Science.

Summer 2012 workshops:

Summer 2012 workshops at Snowbird, UT.

Past workshops:

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CScADS Collaborators include:

Rice University ANL UCB UTK WISC